Burlington Wine Club

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From seasoned aficionados to novices…

If you enjoy wines and food, this is the club for you. We make wine approachable in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

We meet bi-monthly (January, March, May, July and September) at the Art Gallery. We also hold offsite, special events and wine tours. Each meeting starts with a sparkling wine to whet the palate as our club Sommelier says a few words. The event guest speaker is typically a representative of a winery or distributor. This makes for a great discussion about the grapes, growing conditions and wine-making processes that contribute to the characteristics of the wines. Whatever your level of wine knowledge, throughout the evening wine professionals are on hand to engage with members, answering all your questions.

Every tasting is different

We work with a diverse range of international agents and local wineries so that you can discover more varieties, regions and wine production methods year round.