Our Team

Behind every great event are legions of talented people. From the people that pour the wines, take your wine orders, prepare the food, manage our website and social media, organize our wine tours and prepare all our marketing materials it takes a village to create an unforgettable BWC experience. We are fortunate to have people who take responsibility for the delivery of exceptional service for each event.

Lorelee Duncan, Membership & Registration: Lorelee is the heart and soul of the Burlington Wine Club and the main contact for all our members and attendees. Lorelee tracks who is coming to each event, takes table reservations and ensures that any special requirements are met.
Contact: BurlingtonWineclub.ar@gmail.com

Lola Drusnitzer, Wine Pouring: With a team of Smart Serve trained volunteers, Lola manages the pouring of the wines at each event. This is a critical function for the smooth operation of any Wine club and with many years of managing wine merchants and retail stores, Lola is the perfect person to ensure that everyone gets the proper pours in a timely manner. Our trained wine pourers include: Anila, Marilyn, Diana, Beth, Martin, Elaine, Lou, Carl, Debbie and Phil.

Angela Pasceri, Wine Orders: At most events there is an opportunity for members and guests to purchase the wines that are presented. Angela works with our industry partners to take the orders, manage the delivery and pickup or distribution to each customer and track our wine sales for the Club and our partners.

Sydney Duncan, Graphic Design: Sydney is our artist with an eye for colour and presentation which she applies to our logo, marketing materials, website fonts and colours and of course our food as well. If it looks good, chances are Sydney had a hand in it.

Danielle Marchese, Wine Wanderings: Danielle plans, organizes and coordinates our annual wine tour. This year she’ll take us out to Niagara. Next year it will be Lake Erie North shore and we may all have an opportunity to head out to Nova Scotia the year after that.

Morag Johnston, Social Media & Website:  Morag is updating and managing our Website.

Rob Fisher, Closer and Dish Washer: Rob has both a fun job and a thankless one.  He closes the club meetings each month and takes home all the champagne glasses to wash and bring back the following month.

Lorraine Jurgen/Dorothy Kereliuk, Kathy Yotingco, Carl & Ann Spadoni, Maggie Mruck - Food Preparation: Together, the food team prepares all the food pairings that go with the wines, and the Amuse Bouches that accompany the Sparkling wine. Teresa and team have their Food Handlers Certificates and manage the kitchen at the Venue according to Ontario Food Safety Guidelines and the Club Food Handling procedures.  We are excited to announce that the team will also be working with some Featured Chefs to showcase local talent and bring some exciting new pairings to our tastings.

Teresa MacDonald, Sommelier: Our Club Sommelier, Teresa, works closely with our industry partners to select wines to be presented at the Club and the foods to be paired with the wines. Teresa also delivers brief talks at each meeting on different wine regions, the principles of food and wine pairing, how to taste like a pro and assorted other wine and food related topics. Contact: Teresa@TeresasWineAcademy.com

Our Founders

We would be very remiss if we didn’t mention our past president and Co-founder, David Kuhnke. It was in Teresa’s gardens that together, they hatched the plan to create a local wine club in Burlington. David served as the President for the inaugural years before relocating to Cobourg, Ontario.  He continues to come all the way back to Burlington, to join us whenever he can.